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Our structure and approach allow us to deliver our unmatched commitment and superior engineering at a lower price than traditional energy engineering firms. Most importantly, we are able to deliver this better price without making the sacrifices to our work and overall quality. To prove our superior value, every component of the cost of our solutions is laid out simply for our clients to understand prior to implementing a project.

Fair and transparent pricing

We have nothing to hide. We embrace an honest and transparent pricing approach that fairly conveys the costs of every part of your project. This ensures that not only the improvements to your buildings are effective – they are cost effective as well. Not only we deliver an unparalleled commitment to our clients and superior engineering, we are able to do so at costs that are consistently below those of traditional energy engineering companies.

Lower risk. Lower cost.

Comprehensive and competent engineering not only creates a high-quality project, it results in an overall smaller project price tag. Our approach is to mitigate the risks and extra costs – by utilizing effective engineering practices. By completing detailed and reliable system designs, and utilizing effective construction management strategies and measurement and verification, we are able to provide a comprehensive overview of costs and benefits thereby minimizing project risks.

Independent company structure

Operating as a boutique engineering firm with less stringent profit demands, our team is able to make their primary focus towards the satisfaction of our clients rather than short-term profits. Our structure allows us to always identify and select the best products, contractors, vendors, and solutions for your situation.

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Our firm commitment to meeting the needs of our clients not only leads to better projects, it leads to projects at lower costs. We demonstrate this commitment to your satisfaction from our first visit; more importantly, though, we follow through on each of our promises, working tirelessly to provide a solution that exceeds your expectations.

We spend the time to educate each client on our innovative process, to listen and collaborate at each step along the way, and work tirelessly to ensure each client’s ultimate satisfaction. By working closely with and valuing the input of every client, we are able to deliver a higher-quality project that more effectively satisfies their needs – and to do so at a price that is superior to that of traditional energy engineering firms.

Client-driven approach

Our unwavering attention to the needs of our client not only leads to better projects, it leads to projects at lower costs. By listening to specific requirements and priorities, we eliminate the need for unnecessary or redundant design efforts, thereby maintaining competitive development costs and bypassing undesirable project components. Our effort to fully explain each project component – as well as maintain an ongoing discussion regarding the costs and benefits of each component – means no additional scope is included that does not fall within the budgetary and facility priorities of our clients. The net result of our constant attention to client objectives is lower total costs to deliver higher-quality projects to each customer.

Collaborative approach

Ongoing open and honest communication is another pillar of our approach to providing superior energy and facility solutions to our clients. During frequent face-to-face meetings, our team listens closely to the unique facility priorities, financial problems, concerns, future plans, potential limitations, and priorities of each client. By maintaining this involvement throughout each step of our process – from concept to implementation – we ensure that each project aligns perfectly with the goals and priorities of our clients.

This collaborative approach makes certain that clients get the best project for their facilities. It also minimizes wasted time and resources, thereby providing that superior solution at a superior price. Frequent discussions with clients keep our staff abreast of evolving concerns and issues, allowing us to develop solutions that help clients better serve their own customers.

Customized solutions

Our solutions are tailor-engineered to the unique challenges and priorities of our clients. Because no two buildings or budgets are exactly alike, no two solutions should be identical. Through our collaborative approach, we identify the root causes of problems, priorities, and concerns of each client. Our qualified and creative engineering team then considers a variety of potential solutions to best address those problems, priorities and concerns. Working with your leadership, we identify, design, implement and maximize the performance of the ideal solution for your specific situation.

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The innovative and meticulous engineering efforts of our experienced team of engineers leave nothing about your project to chance. Our team's engineering approach, which is characterized by innovative solutions, customized strategies, and careful analysis and design, is meant to provide you with solutions to your energy and facility needs that far surpass those from any other company. Not only does our team commit the time and attention to provide you with quality observation, analysis, engineering and design, we are able to do so at a price and value superior to those of any other company in the industry.

Innovative solutions

We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions. While many traditional energy engineering firms find it easier and more profitable to replicate previous solutions time after time, we are adamant that finding the right solution requires client-specific research, deliberation, and design. By working closely with your leadership to identify problems, priorities, concerns and objectives, we are able to tailor solutions that best fit your financial and facility goals. We combine our experience and track record of effectively identifying optimal solutions in the geographic areas and types of facilities we serve with the understanding we gain of your facilities and priorities to develop a custom solution and approach that will maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of each solution incorporated in your facilities.

Meticulous analysis and planning

Innovative designs and customized solutions create an opportunity for your project to be successful, but the detailed analysis and planning that goes into our solutions ensure that success. Our in-house engineering team commits the time, effort, and expertise necessary to properly design every facet of your customized solution.

Once the project is designed, they remain involved during the implementation process, ensuring that the intent and particulars of their design are properly installed, preventing others from omitting, neglecting, or modifying essential components of their original design. Through this constant and focused attention to detail, we deliver on the promise of our customized solutions and innovative designs – providing you a project of incomparable value.



3000 Marcus Avenue,
Suite 1W08,
Lake Success, NY 11042

1979 Marcus Avenue,

Suites 210-141/142,
Lake Success, NY 11042

(646) 886 - 8548
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